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On Farm Education


All educational opportunities at the farm of Lydia's Flock are offered in a safe, inclusive environment where discrimination of any kind is not welcome, no exceptions.

If you are interested in a scholarship to attend any of our courses, contact the farm directly for an application or more information. 

Beginning Shepherding

Our Beginning Shepherding course is designed for new and aspiring shepherds who have a desire to raise their sheep flock using regenerative, managed grazing methods with the health of the earth and their flock as top priorities. 


This class is a full-day, hands-on educational opportunity, focused on the basics of raising a variety of sheep breeds in the Pacific Northwest. We cover a wide range of topics, focused on the interests and desires of each attendee which include but not limited to choosing the right sheep breed for your farm, housing, fencing, nutrition, health and healthcare basics, developing a management program, managed grazing and pasture management basics, and connecting with a mentor.

The final Beginning Shepherding course for 2019 has been held. Classes will begin again in late Spring of 2020. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on course dates and other farm events.

Wool 101 

Look for class dates in summer 2020 

This course is for those who have no prior experience working with wool on a small scale or who want to expand their knowledge of value added, climate beneficial wool production in the PNW. Topics to be covered include the science, history, structure and unique properties of wool, breed variation of wool, and determining the health of a fleece. For wool producers, how to breed for and improve healthy fleece production; preparing for your flock’s first shearing including how to find a shearer, skirting basics and how to handle fleeces post shearing; niche marketing of raw and value added wool products, locating a fiber processor for value added wool products. If time, we’ll also wash a fleece. This course is discussion based and inquiry focused. Participants are encouraged to bring a fleece or fleece samples from their own flock for evaluation/discussion.

Lambing  Q & A

Saturday, February 8th, 2020 10am-4pm

Registration for this course will open here on Monday, November 11th at 9am.


This course is for those who are preparing for their first lambing season or would like to refresh their lambing knowledge. Topics to be covered include ewe health and nutrition from breeding through lactation, lambing resources (online and books), assembling your lambing kit, vaccinations; basic newborn lamb care including caring for weak/cold lambs and aftercare for ewes, lamb malpresentation and other birthing issues and how to assist with a delivery; comparison of barn vs. pasture lambing, housing preparations- lambing jugs and shelters; establishing breeding goals for future breeding seasons. This course is discussion based and inquiry focused. 


*Before the course, purchase and initial reading of Laura Lawson’s book Managing Your Ewe and Her Newborn Lambs is highly recommended as this is the foremost lambing resource available in print. Bring your book with you to the class.*


 It is available for purchase on Amazon. This book is not available at Regional Public Libraries.



Future Educational Opportunities

Breeding and Genetics to Build a Better Flock

Specific course date and details to follow.


Flock Improvement for Fiber Production

Specific course date and details to follow.

Yarn Design From Fleece to Finished Product

Specific course date and details to follow.

Pasture Management 101

Specific course date and details to follow.


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