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On Farm Education



We do not offer private tours, work shares in exchange for course participation, volunteer opportunities, job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, shearing classes or access to shearing practice for recent shearing school graduates. 


We do not provide referrals to farms that may offer these opportunities.

Educational opportunities at the farm of Lydia's Flock are offered in a safe, inclusive environment where discrimination of any kind is not welcome, no exceptions.

 Attendees must be over the age of 18 (no children allowed). Please leave your dogs at home.

Course fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Beginning Shepherding and Pasture Management Workshop

No upcoming dates planned

Our Beginning Shepherding and Pasture Management workshop is designed for new and aspiring shepherds who have a desire to raise their sheep flock using regenerative, managed grazing methods with the health of the earth and the happiness of their flock as top priorities. 


This class is a two day, hands-on educational opportunity, focused on the basics of raising a variety of sheep breeds utilizing a pasture based management system. We cover a wide range of topics, focused on the interests and desires of each attendee which include but not limited to choosing the right sheep breed for your farm, housing, fencing, nutrition, health and healthcare basics, developing a management program, managed grazing and pasture management basics, and connecting with a mentor. 

Attending this workshop means that you are welcome to become a part of our newly established Beginning Shepherding Cohort Group which offers ongoing education and mentorship throughout the shepherding year and allows for priority registration for upcoming camps, courses, workshops, and other educational opportunities. 

Course fees include printed educational materials. Reach out to the farm if you are in need of assistance in locating local accommodations while attending the workshop. 



Weekend Lambing Camp

No 2025 dates planned

 Course content and materials included. Space for this event is very limited. Please contact the farm before registering.

This will be a hands-on lambing experience with a focus on those who are new to shepherding, would like to obtain some basic lambing knowledge before experiencing their first lambing season or are interested in brushing up on their lambing skills.

Any lambing education on our farm offers the opportunity for hands-on involvement in all aspects of lambing, including potentially difficult deliveries and death. If you are interested in attending any lambing education opportunities on our farm, give careful consideration to this before registering or contacting the farm to sign up.



Getting Started with Livestock Guardian Dogs

No class date for 2024

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