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The Flock

 Our starter flock of registered Icelandic Sheep of 4 ewes and 2 rams was purchased in 2010 from Alderwood Ranch, on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. These sheep carried some of the best genetic lines from across North America. Over the last twelve years, we have grown the genetic diversity of our flock by adding rams from the Midwest and Northeastern United States whose sires reside in Iceland.


We also keep a small flock of registered fine fleece Shetland sheep for breeding stock and fiber production with a focus on fine fleeces and color diversity.


Breeding ewes in our flock are carefully selected for overall health and conformation, temperament, prolificacy, ease of lambing/mothering ability, parasite resistance, fleece quality, and fast growing lambs. Breeding rams are also selected for many of the same qualities as well as carcass muscling, horned genetics, and unique fleece color and fiber quality. 


As shepherds, our top priority is the contentment and optimal health of each and every sheep on our farm, while being gentle on the Earth. This means humane, ethical treatment with lots of attention and affection, no matter if retained on the farm for breeding stock or slated for the table. We firmly believe that the happiness and overall well-being of our beloved sheep flock is vital to the success of our farm. 


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