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Pasture Raised Lamb

Lydia's Flock prides itself on raising well-loved sheep on lush pasture in family groups to minimize stress and maximize the product of sunlight and soil nutrients into a leaner, mild tasting meat for your table.


To purchase individual cuts, you may find us at the Bellingham Farmers Market on Saturdays from May through October. 

The next butcher date for whole lambs will be early October 2024. Reserve your whole lamb now.

Individual lambs for your freezer are sold by the whole animal with hanging weights averaging 35-55 lbs. The pricing is $14/lb. hanging weight plus the slaughter, cut and wrap fees of approximately $200, which is your deposit amount. 

Cutting and wrapping for custom lambs is done to each customer's specifications and based on post-butchering hanging weight.


 Whole lambs are farm pick up only. We do not ship lamb cuts.

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