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 Sheep for Sale



We're now taking waitlist deposits in early 2024. Contact us for more information. 

We've decided to sell our entire flock of Shetland sheep- 8 ewes and 3 ewe lambs, all presumed to be pregnant. We would like to see the whole flock move to their new new farm(s) before lambing in April. Contact the farm for more details. 

Each sheep we offer for sale is carefully evaluated in order to make available registered Icelandic breeding stock that exemplify the standards for this Northern European sheep breed. We adhere to strict rules of biosecurity and our flock is currently closed. Our next round of biosecurity testing will occur in mid-2024.

Registered Icelandic sheep start at $650.

Sheep pricing is non-negotiable. We do not sell unregistered breeding stock or fiber pets.

Once chosen, sheep are reserved with a 50% deposit per animal, contact the farm directly for payment details and to confirm the sheep are still available as reservations happen very quickly


Pickup begins in mid-August; all sheep purchased prior to September 1st must be on their way to their new farms by Labor Day weekend unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon. Shipping arrangements and any required health testing and certification are the responsibility of the buyer.

We are not a breeder referral service nor do we sell "miniature" or Ouessant sheep. 

 For safety and to minimize potential biosecurity risk we do not rent out rams for breeding, do not offer breeding services of outside sheep on our farm and do not sell bred ewes.

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