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Pyrenees Puppies


Aoife and Lando's litter of  7 puppies -5 boys and 2 girls- arrived on November 5th, 2022. Sign up for our newsletter for puppy updates.


To be considered for a puppy from a future litter, please fill out the puppy application on Good Dog. Applications are not "first come, first served"- we fully vet potential owners to ensure that we are setting everyone up for success. We reserve the right to refuse any puppy application for any reason.

We are breeding and raising Great Pyrenees puppies with a focus on livestock guardianship. We occasionally have puppies that would be better suited in a companion role and carefully place them appropriately. We do not accept requests for puppies based on color alone, applications with specific color requests will be refused. 

Deposits are accepted when puppies are 4-6 weeks old in order to offer us the opportunity to throughly evaluate overall temperament and personality of each puppy and complete their Volhard Puppy Aptitude testing.

Aoife's OFA test results for hips (excellent), elbows and patella (normal) as well as a negative screening for CMR-1 are available for review under our online listing on Good Dog. Sire details and OFA/genetic testing results are also listed there.

All of our puppies will be well socialized with humans of all ages, sheep, cats, our LGD dogs and poultry (on a basic level). Additionally, they will be trained to portable electric fencing. We utilize ENS to best support puppy welfare and development and gently handle the puppies each day to familiarize them with regular human touch and interaction. We will also work on very basic manners. At 8 weeks of age they will receive health exams and vaccinations at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital and will be microchipped before they leave the farm at 10-12 weeks. Our puppy food of choice is Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy Food.

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