Pasture Raised Lamb

We are now offering USDA retail cuts of lamb for purchase on the farm. See our online farm store for current availability.

Lydia's Flock prides itself on raising well-loved lambs on lush pasture in family groups to minimize stress and maximize the product of sunlight and soil nutrients into a leaner, mild tasting meat for your table.


Lambs are harvested on farm utilizing The IGFC USDA inspected mobile slaughter unit, allowing for us to be present to ensure that humane and ethical welfare standards are maintained throughout the butchering process. Cutting and wrapping is done at the IGFC processing facility in Bow, WA, which only processes meat from IGFC member-owner-producers. Lamb is cut to each customer's specifications and based on hanging weight.

We are in the process of scaling up our Icelandic lamb production in order to meet the needs of community customers and local and regional wholesale buyers. If you are interested in purchasing lamb from our farm for your business, please contact us directly for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing an individual lamb for your freezer, it is sold by the whole animal with hanging weights averaging 30 - 45 lbs. 


Our next butchering is planned for the end of May 2020.

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