Mentorship and  Consulting


Lydia’s Flock offers consulting and mentorship for new and aspiring shepherds looking for guidance and support before getting started with sheep and for established shepherds seeking to adjust or adapt their current farm goals to center around pasture based management systems and regenerative agricultural practices. We have over 20 years of experience and education between us and are excited to support your farm goals and values.


Hourly, package, or custom pricing for a specific project varies based on your needs -in person at your farm or ours, online through email or Zoom or over the phone. Travel time to and from your farm is charged per mile from our farm just outside Bellingham. 


Our areas of focus include:

Sustainability focused farm planning and flock goals

Sheep breed selection and standards

Basic healthcare, husbandry, parasite management and nutrition

Sheep-centric infrastructure including fencing and housing

Low stress livestock handling

Livestock guardians

Managed grazing for soil health

Carbon farming and sequestration

Wool basics including fleece selection and processing; raising sheep for a healthy fleece, choosing a shearer

Lambing basics


If you think consultation or mentorship is something you might benefit from, we offer a 20 minute phone conversation at no cost to determine if the services we provide will fit with your needs. Contact the farm for more information. 

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